Methods of payment of vouchers to health resorts of JSC «RZD-ZDOROVIE»

1. Rules of booking and payment in the sanatoriums of the RZD-ZDOROVIE Network

You can book sanatorium services in one of the following ways:


  • By a phone call to contact-center 8 800 555 2 777 or to region number of sanatorium, which you can find on internet sites;
  • To book voucher on internet site;
  • To send request by e-mail to;
  • Through travel agency or on their internet sites.



Booking is valid from the time Guest receives pay bill or confirm of booking from manager of branch office by e-mail. In the letter should be included following data: full name of person, who would be staying in the room, dates of check-in and check-out, name of sanatorium, type of room you’re booking, type of medical program.


Price of sanatorium and/or hotel services receiving by Guest are set by JSC “RZD HEALTH”  and included in a confirming booking message.


After receiving a pay bill, you have to make advance payment of 30% of the cost of services provided


Terms of payment


Request for booking is guaranteed after receiving by JSC “RZD HEALTH corporation advanced payment of 30% of voucher cost.


Payment for sanatorium services can be made in one of the following ways:


  • 1. Cash payment at the nearest Sberbank of Russia branch

    The payments at the OJSC Sberbank of Russia bank are completed in cash and subject to bank chargers (3% of the total amount, but not exceeding the sum of 2.000 rubles per single transaction). It takes up to 3 (three) business days for JSC “RZD HEALTH” resort to process the payment. The single transaction is completed on presentation of a valid passport and is limited to 500,000 rubles. "Sberbank of Russia" branches can be found here.


    • To make a payment through the bank teller, first contact any of the bank’s branches

    • Inform the teller of your intention to make a payment of JSC “RZD-HEALTH” resort fee

    • Present an invoice and your passport.

    • The teller will inform you about additional chargers

    • Proceed with a payment.

    • Save the stamped invoice as a proof of payment



2. By paying to the Contractor’s cash desk not later than the first day of arrival to sanatorium.



3. By transferring money on bank account of sanatorium, within 3 banking days from the date of invoice for payment. Date of payment will be considered the day of receipt of funds to the Contractor’s account.      

4. Through a personal office in Sberbank online.

The payment algorithm is the following: when choosing a payment account from which the money will be transferred, in the section "payment or transfer" in the search it is necessary to score RZD-ZDOROVIE, then choose the sanatorium in which the reservation was made, fill in the column number of the contract, enter the name and amount of payment and click on the PAY button. With this transfer commission is not charged!


Terms of cancellation  


In case of cancellation (refusal) of the reservation, the Guest sends a written notice of cancellation to the Contractor in a way that ensures that the Contractor receives such notification (by phone of the contact center, branch, e-mail).


If the Guest has made a partial or full prepayment for the reservation, the Contractor, upon the written application of the Guest, refunds the money in full. The return application form (download link).


In the event that the Contractor receives information about the cancellation (refusal) of the Guest from booking less than 14 days before the estimated date of arrival, the Executor's refund of money is made less the actually incurred costs by the Company's branch.



Заявление на возврат денежных средств