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You no longer need to look for the amber room – we have it!

You no longer need to look for the amber room – we have it, in the «Yantar» sanatorium!


The pearl of the «Yantar» health resort has always been a pyramid built on the principle of the «golden section» of pieces of natural varietal amber – a specially mounted unique medical complex of artificial microclimate. The shape of the polyhedron in the form of a pyramid was not chosen by chance. The history of the pyramids dates back to ancient Egypt. Most of them were erected not only as tombs for the pharaohs, but they were also a place of power, concentrating the most powerful energy flows in themselves, which beneficially affect the human body.


Modern interest in the pyramids arose in the 30s of the last century, when the Frenchman Antoine Bowie, inspired by Egyptian legends, built his own small pyramid and found that the fruits in it dried up, but did not rot. Later, scientists noticed that the seeds stored in the pyramids germinate faster than seeds lying in other places. Real miracles, you think. However, it is worth noting that the «pyramidology» found a lively response from fans of traditional methods of treatment, which, for the purpose of healing, build pyramids from improvised materials at home, whether it is wood, metal or glass.


Our amber pyramid, consisting of solid stones, possessing the healing power of the pyramidal field, enhances its healing properties of amber. Since antiquity, this very living stone has been used as a powerful talisman and amulet. Avicenna considered this stone a cure for various diseases. And in our time, this solar mineral is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and health.


Since November 2019, the new amber pyramid in the «Yantar» sanatorium in the city of Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad Region, has been located in a specially designed whole amber room, the walls of which are lined with colorful panels made from natural amber, to enhance the therapeutic effect.


Amber treatment is indicated for diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, for the treatment of depression, headaches, diseases of the reproductive system, musculoskeletal system, etc. Among other things, during the season of colds and with increased mental and physical stress, as an prevention of exacerbation chronic diseases, the course of sessions in the amber pyramid will be both effective and safe, and very pleasant.


Amber therapy in our pyramid is a procedure that has no analogues in the possibilities of achieving emotional balance and powerful healing of all body systems, especially if it is supplemented by swimming in the invigorating Baltic Sea and walking along the sand dunes and pine groves surrounding the «Yantar» sanatorium.