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In "Transsib" - you are in chocolate!

The pleasure received by our body reflects on our state of mind and appearance.


"Transsib" resort is happy to invite to the SPA-zone, where procedures are conducted in the traditional cedar phyto-pantovy barrel, as well as peeling and body wraps with the most modern spa products. For example, when carrying out chocolate wrapping, multicomponent cosmetics are used to solve any problems related to the aesthetics of the body.


Chocolate wrap eliminates fatigue and irritability; restores emotional balance; gives a sense of peace, tranquility, inner warmth. Chocolate wrap has a drainage effect, increases the outflow of liquids and the removal of products of metabolism and decomposition of fats; Eliminates disturbances that increase microcirculation. It starts the internal mechanisms of cellulite destruction by affecting the metabolism of fat cells - as a result, the skin gets rid of the "orange peel" effect.


Chocolate wrapping simulates the contours of the body, reduces stretch marks, makes the skin smooth and supple. Stimulates metabolic processes and collagen synthesis, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Helps reduce the volume of the hips, waist, other areas. Has a powerful anti-aging effect. Gives a charge of vivacity and a burst of energy. At the heart of the development of modern drugs used in this procedure is a thousand-year experience of using active ingredients deeply penetrating into the skin that make up their composition: mummy, propolis, plantain, ant alcohol, chilli pepper, fir oil - all these medicines have been used for centuries in folk medicine .


Chocolate wrapping quickly returns youth and health not only to the skin, but to the whole body after 2-3 applications!