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Stop, allergies!

Spring is the time to flower. Including - and allergies - one of the most insidious and most mysterious diseases.


Allergic diseases significantly reduce the quality of life, bring discomfort and interference to it. Regardless of the specific type of allergic disease and its severity, allergy sufferers must always remember that they have an allergy. Diagnosis and selection of treatment methods for allergic diseases for doctors in most cases is not difficult, but at the same time, doctors also know that it is very difficult to completely recover from allergies. But - it is quite possible to prevent another exacerbation!


One of the most effective ways to deal with allergies, has long been known by experts - spa treatment. But few people know about the existence of sanatoriums specializing in the treatment of allergies. But they are, and one of such sanatoriums - «Sosnovy Bor».


Both adults and children (from 4 years old) can come to the sanatorium - the approaches to treating allergies in all age groups are almost the same. Sanatorium treatment helps to improve health, increase body resistance and alleviate some of the symptoms of allergies.


The main therapeutic factor in sanatoriums for allergy sufferers is the climate.


The unique climatic features of the «Sosnovy Bor» sanatorium are due to pine! It is estimated that 1 cubic meter of coniferous forest contains no more than 300 bacteria, i.e. the air here is almost sterile. Disinfection of air in a pine forest is possible due to volatile substances that are dispersed by pine. In addition, pine essential oils are oxidized by oxygen and produce ozone with healing properties. You can say that pine forest is a kind of giant natural inhaler.


In addition to the traditional effects of climate in the sanatorium, the following therapeutic measures can be prescribed:


• Inhalations (medicinal, with mineral water)

• Halotherapy (salt cave)

• Balneotherapy (mineral baths, foam-licorice)

• Hydrotherapy (circular shower, underwater massage shower)

• Physiotherapy

• Hypoxytherapy

• Exercise therapy, breathing exercises

• Therapeutic swimming in the mineral water pool.


Patients with allergies (including bronchial asthma) need to undergo a spa treatment 1-2 times a year. This will help reduce allergic manifestations, reduce the number of attacks, improve the general condition and emotional background.


Welcome to «Sosnovy Bor» - both the forest and the sanatorium!