Stock Offer «Anti-Weight / Antistress»

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Offer «Anti-Weight / Antistress»

From September 2019, the «Anti-Weight / Antistress» offer starts in the «Volzhskie Dali» sanatorium


A short vacation in the country is the best time to pay attention to health, give yourself the opportunity to relax and plunge into the peaceful atmosphere that gives rest in the sanatorium «Volzhskie Dali».


Sanatorium «Volzhskie Dali» offers you a unique compact anti-stress package and a treatment program that will not only relieve stress, but also improves your body.


At present, exhausting chronic stress is relevant for all active people. Under the influence of stress, the body’s defenses are sharply weakened, immunity is reduced, productivity is reduced, and when «eating up» stress, excess weight appears.

We offer you even for a very short period of rest in the sanatorium the opportunity to restore your emotional state, recharge with a good mood and even improve your physical condition.


A specially developed set of medical procedures, including thermal and water procedures, mechanical treatments and instrumental physiotherapy, combined with being on the banks of the Volga in an atmosphere of peace and bliss will undoubtedly help you become lighter, restore energy and physical strength.