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Modern oxygen therapy unit

A modern person is constantly exposed to harmful environmental factors and various stresses and extremely vulnerable to the development of pathological conditions accompanied by hypoxia of organs and tissues. Hypoxia occurs as a result of impaired patency of blood-filling vessels. The cause of this condition may be vascular spasm, local tissue swelling, inflammatory events, atherosclerosis, etc. In addition, the background factor supporting oxygen fasting of cells is smoking and other chronic intoxications.


An up to date method that will help eliminate hypoxia at the cellular and tissue levels is Barotherapy or normo- and hyperbaric oxygenation in the innovative installation «Barocs».The air-oxygen baroocamera has many advantages, including a spacious body and a large area of ​ ​ double-sided glazing, which eliminates the occurrence of attacks of claustrophobia in patients who are afraid of confined spaces, in addition, an adjustable chair allows you to choose a convenient position during the session patient can comfortably sit inside - sitting or lying down.


Barotherapy is a universal method of treatment, which, in addition to eliminating the consequences of hypoxia, combines a number of positive effects: it has anti-inflammatory and anti-edema actions, accelerates healing, increases body resistance and significantly reduces recovery time, and also helps to improve the quality of life of people with a number of severe chronic diseases.


«Barocs» is only one of the innovative medical installations in the medical center of the sanatorium. «Chernomorye» is a quality rest and a high level of service, come and feel it on yourself!