Stock Program "Healthy child"

Program "Healthy child"

"Healthy child" is a general health program. Upon admission to a sanatorium, the child is examined by a doctor to identify possible health problems and to identify ways to solve them, to determine the indications and contraindications to the conduct of health procedures.


All treatments are prescribed strictly according to the indications. The attending physician uses the methods of this program in drawing up a survey and treatment plan, but necessarily taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, his general condition, underlying and accompanying diseases, and the compatibility of procedures. The attending physician decides on the number and frequency of procedures, taking into account indications, contraindications and individual tolerability.

When the duration of treatment is shortened, the number of procedures is determined in proportion to the length of stay.

Medical and diagnostic procedures that not included in the program "Healthy Child" are paid according to the current Pricelist of Medical Services in addition.


When you arrive at the sanatorium you must have at your disposal:

• sanatorium card,

• a certificate fro the epidemiologist about the absence of contacts for the last 3 weeks with infectious patients at the place of residence and in school,

• certificate of vaccination.



• Diseases of the digestive tract;

• Metabolic disorders;

• Weakening of immunity.


Contraindications: chronic diseases in the acute stage, acute infectious processes.


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