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«Aquamarine» invites you to undergo a unique examination

SMECG (Daily Holter ECG monitoring) cost 1,500 rubles.


Daily (Holter) monitoring is a research method that allows you to continuously record the dynamics of cardiac activity on the ECG using a portable device, track changes in the patient's heart during 24 hours under the conditions of his usual lifestyle. Thanks to daily monitoring, it is possible to identify or prevent the development of the following diseases of the cardiovascular system:


arrhythmia (heart rhythm disorders);

coronary heart disease;

hypertension (increase or decrease in blood pressure).


The difference between ECG and Holter monitoring:


Electrocardiography (ECG) is a recording of the work of the heart, which allows you to track electrical processes in the state of rest of the body, within 5-10 seconds. Unlike ECG, Holter monitoring allows you to detect abnormalities in the heart (episodes of myocardial ischemia, rhythm and cardiac conduction disorders, including life-threatening ones) for 24 or 48 hours under conditions of usual patient activity.


Advantages of Holter monitoring:


data of the study during the day are the most reliable;

compact portable recorder is small and allows you to lead a normal lifestyle.


Indications for Holter monitoring:


permanent or periodic heart pain that occurs suddenly or during physical exertion;

chest pain and severity;

dizzinesses and faints;

short wind;

recently suffered myocardial infarction;

disease of a thyroid gland;

evaluation of the effectiveness of antiarrhythmic therapy.