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Psoriasis is not a verdict!

Specialized program for the treatment of psoriasis in the sanatorium "Don"..


Unique natural healing possibilities of the area, in which the sanatorium "Don" is located, have long attracted patients with psoriasis who come here for treatment even from the capital. This year, a specialized program for the treatment of psoriasis, based on the accumulated experience, has been developed by the specialists of the sanatorium, in which various types of therapeutic effects are concentrated.

Psoriasis is a well-known skin disease since ancient times, which also affects joints and some internal organs. Scaly red rashes on the skin of patients with psoriasis, located on open areas of the body, including face, and the scalp greatly complicate the interaction with surrounding people, sometimes bring unbearable moral suffering, and painful joint damage also restrict mobility.


In addition, psoriasis is often part of an unpleasant set of signs of a general metabolic disorder: an excess weight, an increase of blood sugar, a weakening of detoxifying liver function. During periods of exacerbation of the disease, a patient with psoriasis needs medicamentous treatment: ointments, droppers, tablets. And during the periods of remission, the result obtained best in the calm environment of a quiet sanatorium on the banks of the Don, in the midst of a coniferous forest that saturates the air with rest and healing volatile fungicides.


Sanatorium "Don" has a lot of opportunities for supporting the treatment of psoriasis, which contributes to the prolongation (perhaps forever) of the period of remission. First, these are unique natural factors, first of all - natural, slightly mineralized radon water, with a low concentration of radon from the local Liskinsk deposit, which provides anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, healing healing effects and stimulating metabolism.

In a two-week medical course for psoriasis patients daily radon baths are provided. Also, the treatment course includes applications with naphthalan - a natural substance, a special kind of Azerbaijani oil, which has unique healing properties. Previously, baths, compresses, naphthalan ointments were part of the "gold standard" for the treatment of psoriasis, but in recent years for a number of objective reasons to find a medical institution where psoriasis is treated with naftalan, it has not been easy.

The sanatorium "Don" has naftalan! In addition to naftalan applications, the treatment of psoriasis also includes paraffin-ozocerite treatment. Nizhny Novgorod peat mud with active humic acids in the form of applications to the joints, including - with the strengthening of therapeutic effect by the addition of electric shock (galvanic mud, SMT mud) is also included in the medical complex.


In addition to unique natural effects on psoriasis (radon baths, naftalan applications, mud therapy), the course of treatment includes the most modern and advanced methods of physiotherapy: ozonotherapy, whose effectiveness in the treatment of psoriasis is confirmed by domestic and foreign scientific research and dry carbon dioxide baths, which promote blood circulation and correction

Also, staying in the sanatorium "Don" under the Maple Alley maple in Voronezh, in addition to effective treatment of psoriasis, will bring a lot of positive emotions from the classical spa treatment "entertainment": massage, therapeutic showers (Charcot, circular, ascending), aromatherapy - all this is also included in the program of psoriasis treatment.


Walking in the park of the sanatorium you too can not just do it, but in the process of mastering the subtleties of Scandinavian walking; if desired, you can replace it with classes in the gym, or combine these types of physical activity - they are also included in the cost of the voucher. And, of course, the entire treatment program will be under constant medical supervision: in the state of the sanatorium "Don" there is a therapist, a physiotherapist, and a dermatologist.


Come to treat psoriasis in the sanatorium "Don" - you will like the result!