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The Young Genius Program

The sanatorium "Volzhskiye Daly" has developed a special program for children from 4 years old, which is part of the "Healthy Child" complex.


The program "Young genius" will help students who experience great mental and physical stress during vacations, relieve emotional tension, normalize sleep, improve the work of the central and autonomic nervous system, optimize metabolic processes, blood supply and nutrition of all organs and body systems.

After consulting a pediatrician and a physiotherapist, the child will undergo a course of pearl baths combining the beneficial effects of water and mechanical massage, combining relaxing and healing effects that relieve stress and aggression, and the D'Arsonval-head therapy course that will eliminate vasospasm will strengthen the brain blood flow, improved nutrition of brain cells and normalization of sleep.

The program also includes general health and relaxation procedures: massage, magnetolaser therapy, speleotherapy, oxygen cocktail and therapeutic swimming in the pool.

Treatment can be obtained at the sanatorium "Volzhskiye Daly", located on 23 hectares of green territory, which on one side is bounded by the picturesque steep bank of the great Russian river, and on the other - by a horseshoe-shaped chain of hills, 30 km from Saratov; Treatment procedures can be successfully combined with entertainment and cultural program.