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The program "Strengthen immunity"

The sanatorium "Volzhskiye Daly" has developed a special program for children from 4 years old, which is part of the "Healthy Child" complex.

"Strengthen immunity" is a special program for often and long-term ill children with a set of procedures that have a general strengthening and immunostimulating effect. Suitable for children with frequent colds, who began to get sick when entering kindergarten or school, rescues from an infinite number of medicines, and parents - from regular hospitalisaition.

The program includes consultations of a pediatrician and a dentist - it is very important to identify and treat tooth decay as a hotbed of chronic infection, which is often not paid due attention, and - inhalation for a weak neck and washing of the tonsils with ozonized saline, warming the chest with therapeutic mud or ozocerite , general health massage, physiotherapy, aromatherapy, oxygen cocktail and, of course, therapeutic swimming in the pool.

In the medical center of the sanatorium "Volzhskiye Daly" massage is performed after the heat treatment procedure, aimed at deep heating of the muscular tissue. It is in this combination and consistency that the maximum positive effect of treatment is achieved.

The program also includes speleotherapy - (sessions in a salt cave) - a place with a special microclimate where there is always the same temperature and pressure, the air is always dry and contains ions and microparticles of salts that inhibit the activity of any microbes and activate their own defenses organism. In the salt cave immediately comes relief: the nasopharynx is clogged with mucus, the blood normalizes the level of histamine, the bronchi and lungs are cleared, the accumulated dust and tar accumulated in them.

The program "Strengthen immunity" is shown how often ill children (without exacerbation of diseases), and healthy - for the prevention.

Treatment can be obtained at the sanatorium "Volzhskiye Daly", located on 23 hectares of green territory, which on one side is bounded by the picturesque steep bank of the great Russian river, and on the other - by a horseshoe-shaped chain of hills, 30 km from Saratov; Treatment procedures can be successfully combined with entertainment and cultural program.