Stock «Light Legs» Program

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«Light Legs» Program

• Soft exfoliation of the lower limbs

• Application to the area of the lower limbs with gel Black Sea lug

• Lymphatic drainage foot massage - pressotherapy


• Do you prefer high-heeled shoes?

• By the end of the day do you feel discomfort and pain in your legs?

• Do your legs swell?

• Have had to deal with varicose veins and the appearance of spider veins?

• Is there an increase in «bones» on the feet?


With all these troubles, a procedure called «Light Legs» will help to cope!

Cleansing methods have a beneficial effect on the venous blood flow, as a result, blood supply improves, muscles become toned, swelling subsides, heaviness in the legs disappears.

The feeling of weightlessness after the procedure will be so obvious that it will make you pleasantly surprised!

Thanks to a careful study of the joints, the gait will become more confident and easy.

Impact on biologically active points will help to activate energy channels, restore their balance and improve the body.

Foot massage will improve your mood, increase stamina, give energy.



• varicose veins;

• swelling and tired legs;

• joint stiffness;

• recovery from leg fractures;

• spider veins;

• transverse flatfoot («bone»);

• frequent wearing high heels;

• arthritis, arthrosis;

• violation of posture.


Duration - up to 60 minutes.

Cost - 2000 rubles.