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The program "Beautiful posture"

The sanatorium "Volzhskiye Daly" has developed a special program for children from 4 years old, which is part of the "Healthy Child" complex.


The therapeutic and prophylactic children's program "Beautiful posture" is aimed at the prevention and treatment of diseases of the spine. It is suitable for school children who have to sit for a long time at school and at home.

This way of life has a bad effect on the health of the growing organism, it causes stagnant phenomena in the spine, joints and internal organs - this often involves the child's complaints about fatigue, malaise, headaches. Violation of posture in the child can also lead to the development of curvature of the spine - scoliosis.

The program includes consultations of pediatricians and physiotherapists, individual physical exercises in the pool and in the hall, with a physician-specialist in exercise therapy - they help to form and strengthen the muscular corset that keeps the spine in the right position, form and strengthen the habit of correct posture, and - Manual massage of the back and cervical collar zone, underwater shower massage - to eliminate local muscle hypertonia, improve muscle trophism, increase the overall tone of the body, activate restorative x processes, development and consolidation of a new motor stereotype.

Physiotherapeutic procedures included in the program - electrophoresis with the extract of therapeutic mud on the back area and electromyostimulation - warm the deep muscles, preparing them for training and stimulate the surface muscle groups involved in the formation of the muscular corset. The program "Beautiful posture" also includes fortifying effects: speleotherapy and oxygen cocktail.

Treatment can be obtained at the sanatorium "Volzhskiye Daly", located on 23 hectares of green territory, which on one side is bounded by the picturesque steep bank of the great Russian river, and on the other - by a horseshoe-shaped chain of hills, 30 km from Saratov; Treatment procedures can be successfully combined with entertainment and cultural program.