Stock «Grace» program at the «Sosnovy Bor» resort

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«Grace» program at the «Sosnovy Bor» resort

This program is for those who want to keep beauty and strive to create their own unique image.


All women try to always be in shape and look nice. A well-groomed face and a beautiful body attract men, cause the approval of friends and acquaintances, and bring a lot of positive emotions to the owner herself. The complex of our procedures will give you an additional surge of vivacity, give energy, improve skin condition.


The program uses innovative technologies of aromatherapy with the use of bath concentrates by the German company Spitzner. The therapeutic bath with Lavender essential oil is an ideal remedy for restoring inner peace, will have a harmonizing effect in case of nervous strain and prevent stress “food disorder”. A bath with rosemary tonic essential oil will relieve fatigue, activate blood circulation, give strength and energy, increase sexual activity and attractiveness.


Sharko shower and underwater shower massage will help maintain tone and energize the body for the whole day. After a hot sauna it will be both useful and pleasant to plunge into a cool pool with natural mineral water and drink herbal tea.


The «Grace» program is the path to excellent physical fitness and well-being. In the sanatorium «Sosnovy Bor» - in a pine forest, away from the bustle and smog of the city, you will plunge into the world of nature and silence and care for your health.