Stock Program «For Pregnant»

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Program «For Pregnant»

We invite future mothers to the sanatorium «Chernomorye» for rest and recuperation according to a specially developed program «For pregnant women»


Pregnancy is not a disease and, moreover, a normal pregnancy is not a reason to refuse rest and simple trips.


Every resident of our country knows about the unique climatic conditions of Sochi. The city at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains on the shores of the azure sea conquers with its beauty, and clean air and pristine nature have a beneficial effect on the health of the future mother and her baby.


In our sanatorium a special medical program has been developed for pregnant women (on the 12th-32th week, for multiple pregnancies - up to the 28th week); The complex of treatments is selected individually, taking into account all the available contraindications, the characteristics of the organism of the future mother, the duration of the pregnancy and the nuances of its occurrence. Constant observation of an obstetrician-gynecologist, consultations and recommendations of our highly qualified specialists will help make your pregnancy fine and easy, which contributes to the birth of a healthy and strong baby.