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Prevention of upper respiratory tract diseases

Sinusitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis are unpleasant diseases of the upper respiratory tract, which everyone has encountered at least once in their life. If you do not show vigilance in relation to them in time, they can lead to irreversible complications (up to hearing loss), which will be much more difficult to deal with.


The «Aquamarine» resort has an otorhinolaryngologist. A specialist in the pathology of the «ears, throat and nose», successfully applies in practice numerous medical techniques that help patients get rid of diseases that often tormented them for a long time, giving no hope of healing.


So, in the health resort, for the prevention and treatment of tonsillitis, the «Tonsillor» apparatus is used, which is designed to wash the palatine tonsils: using ultrasonic waves, it is possible to painlessly get rid of the plugs (purulent masses) in the tonsils. A comfortable method of treatment and prevention of tonsillitis makes it possible to use this procedure also in children who are even more susceptible to the effects of viral and bacterial agents due to the failure of the immune system. At the doctor's appointment, it is also possible to irrigate the throat with a colloidal solution of silver using a special apparatus.


Treatment of sinusitis in the sanatorium is carried out by the conservative method of – «displacement» using mineral water «Semigorskaya» as a medium. This procedure allows you to relieve swelling of the mucous membrane, improve nasal breathing. Very often, in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, hearing loss is also observed, due to the presence of communication with the middle ear cavity. You can determine the acuity of hearing with the help of an audiometer at an appointment with an ENT doctor.


Do not disregard such important organs as ears, throat, nose and when the first signs of illness appear, consult a doctor.

Use the rest at «Aquamarine» as a preventive measures.