Stock Sale of special vacation packages - for men!

Sale of special vacation packages - for men!

In the «Dolina Narzanov» resort Kislovodsk started sale of special vacation packages – for men!


Since 2020 a program for maintaining and promoting male health has been developed and offered for sale in the southernmost resort of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.


«Classic sanatorium program for men» is aimed at patients of any age and contains the main types of spa treatment – both on the basis of the use of natural medical factors (climatology, mud treatment, drinking treatment), and provided with modern medical equipment: medical baths and showers, massage, hardware physiotherapy, various types of therapeutic gymnastics, etc.


Medical methods used in the sanatorium are universal for the prevention and treatment of all types of diseases of internal organs. Also, «Mens» the program includes a consultation with a urologist to identify a predisposition to diseases of the organs of the male sex sphere; additional diagnostic measures are provided for obtaining a general picture of the state of health and therapeutic and restorative procedures (baths with natural mineral water «Narzan», infrared sauna, etc.) aimed at strengthening, maintaining and preventing the development of diseases of the male sex organs.


Thus, in a health resort with a unique «alpine » microclimate, generously gifted with mineral springs, in 2020, the male half of the population offers an excellent opportunity to combine full-fledged rest with concern for male health.