Stock Pressotherapy in the sanatorium «Dolina Narzanov» Kislovodsk

Pressotherapy in the sanatorium «Dolina Narzanov» Kislovodsk

In the sanatorium «Dolina Narzanov» Kislovodsk introduced a new method of treatment - pressotherapy.


Hardware pressure therapy affects certain parts of the body with compressed air using a special suit worn on the patient and two microprocessors that control the pressure at each section of the body. Lymphatic system is exposed to compressed air supplied through cuffs, as a result of which excess extracellular fluid is displaced from tissues. As a matter of fact, lymphatic drainage is carried out. This is a kind «squeezing massage», the execution of which is on a special «smart» equipment allows to dose the degree of pressure on tissue.


Pressure therapy is used in restorative therapy to replenish the fluid balance in chronic edema of the lower extremities, as well as in difficult outflow of lymph or venous blood. The areas of application of this method in medical practice are: vascular surgery, sports medicine, surgery, dermatology, etc. In addition, pressure therapy is used in cosmetology to treat cellulitis and improve skin quality.


The procedure of hardware pressure therapy along with a pronounced therapeutic effect has a number of advantages compared to other methods - there are no pain, and even discomfort during the session.


At the medical center of the health resort «Dolina Narzanov» Kislovodsk press therapy is well combined with other methods of complex effects on the body, for example, such as therapeutic swimming in a comfortable pool and baths with narsan.