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Offers for children in the «Ivushka» resort

Building up a child's immune sistem continues until teen age, therefore, it is very important to pay attention to child's health on every stage of growing.Daily stay in big crowds of people (kindergartens, schools, holidays, etc.) increases the risk of developing airborne respiratory diseases. To strengthen the immune system and provide reliable protection against bacterial and viral infections will allow our package offer «Zdorovyonok», designed for children aged 4 to 14 years.


As part of this package offer, the child will receive 3 sessions of phototherapy using visible light of different colors (blue, red, yellow, etc.) in various combinations on the «Raduga» device. The impact occurs on the immune organs: tonsils and thymus, the procedure is completely painless and comfortable even for the smallest patients. Also included in the package are 3 sessions of pinimentol baths, which contain eucalyptus oil, natural camphor and menthol. Natural camphor and essential oils have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, improve respiratory function and increase immunity, helping to improve the body's protective function, especially during the season of colds.


The child's physical health is closely related to his mental abilities and the ability to fully absorb information. For children of school age (from 8 to 14 years) who are actively immersed in the process of obtaining and memorizing new information, in the «Ivushka» resort were developed and implemented a package proposal «Smart kid». To improve the functioning of the brain, the child is offered 3 sessions of TPP therapy (electronic brain stimulation). This type of impact helps to increase attention and concentration, to improve the process of memorizing large amounts of information. To strengthen the nervous system and improve the adaptation capabilities of the child in new groups, 3 sessions of antler baths based on the decoction of mountain maral horns (deer) are offered as part of this package offer..


During the recovery of children, parents can also devote time to themselves, taking advantage of the modern procedures offered by the health center, or simply relax.