Stock Plasmotherapy in the sanatorium «Zelyoniy Gai»

Plasmotherapy in the sanatorium «Zelyoniy Gai»

Plasmotherapy is the use for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes of plasma obtained from the patient's own blood. Obtaining material from your own blood ensures the safety of treatment, since there is no risk of infection during the procedure. Currently, several methods of plasmotherapy are known and successfully implemented in medicine, the most common of them – plasmolifting. Plasmolifting uses a method of separating whole plasma, similar to that of standard laboratory tests: conventional centrifuges and tubes are used. Plasmotherapy is successfully used in various fields of medicine, ranging from traumatology to cosmetology, showing good results in the treatment of chronic diseases and in the correction of skin imperfections.


In the medical center of the sanatorium «Zelyoniy Gai» plasmotherapy is used to treat arthrosis, arthritis, in particular, painful inflammation of the elbow joint (epicondylitis) and & laquo; heel spurs & raquo; by means of plasma injections into the near-articular region and directly into the joint itself. Spasmolytic effect is realized, volume and composition of articular fluid is restored, blood circulation in area of affected joint is activated, ligaments and muscles surrounding sick joint are strengthened. Also, due to the pronounced analgesic effect, the method is effective in the treatment of spinal osteochondrosis. In the health resort, paravertebral (near-vertebrate) administration of the patient's own plasma is performed in order to reduce pain syndrome and improve the quality of life of patients.


But perhaps most actively, blood plasma is used in cosmetology, providing improved texture of the skin of the face and neck, reduced severity of small wrinkles, leveling the tone of the skin and increasing its elasticity, as well as stimulating the development of new hair follicles when injected into the scalp due to increased hair loss, increasing the period of intensive division of hair bulbs.


The off-season period in the sanatorium «Zelyoniy Gai» is the best time for a comfortable rest, which can be enjoyed by combining medical procedures with self-care!