Stock Pantotherapy


Pant are a young newly grown antlers of a spotted deer. To the touch they are not firm, but very soft and tender, since they consist of a spongy cartilaginous tissue, which is literally soaked with the blood of the animal. The history of their use for medicinal purposes in traditional medicine of the countries of Southeast Asia has more than two thousand years.

Such horns appear during the period of sexual activity of males, and it is during this period that the maximum amount of various biologically active substances is observed in them: 18 amino acids, minerals, vitamins, hormone-like substances, nucleic acids, peptides, and also macro- and microelements: iron, calcium and magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, selenium, cobalt, copper and zinc, as well as iodine. Horns are cut in May and June, but deer do not suffer, because by next spring they will grow new pant, the same unique in biochemical composition.

The most valuable product of reindeer breeding is the young horns of a mountain deer (maral), which lives in the Altai. Pant of the Altai maral are valued several times more than any other (New Zealand, American, Korean, Chinese) and even the horns of the reindeer. What is the reason for their healing power? Altaic maral growers say that the secret of the healing properties of Altai antlers lies in their habitat: the nature of Altai is unique, this region is considered one of the most ecologically clean, rich healing high-mountain grasses and pure spring water.

Based on the antlers made medicine for ingestion, as well as forms for external use. The most effective method of pantotherapy is pant baths. In most cases, they are prepared using liquid or powdered concentrates. However, the greatest healing power has the decoction of these horns, prepared according to special technologies on the basis of ancient recipes.

JSC "RZD-ZDOROVIE" uses this patented technology in the resorts. The concentration of biologically active substances in fresh decoction of antlers is many times higher than that in industrially manufactured preparations. The technology of preparing the broth requires the availability of special equipment and trained personnel. A very important element is the correct choice and storage of raw materials - young horns that are harvested on special farms in the Altai Mountains.


In Altay resort "Transsib" (Belokurikha) is possible to undergo treatment with real pant baths, the broth for which is made by a unique technique used since 1999, right on the territory of the resort.

The difficulty of the technology and hardware for pantbrewing was previously ineffective in developing methods in regions remote from the Altai Territory. However, now the "Buran" resort, located in the Moscow region, is also ready to offer its patients the possibility of carrying out this unique medical procedure.

Pantherapy is not only a pant baths, but also various other procedures using a decoction of pant: pant wraps, pant masks, inhalations with pant broth, "pant barrel". The main mechanism of their action is caused by the activation of blood flow, as a result of which the bioactive substances of the antlers rapidly spread throughout the body, promoting the stimulation of the vital activity of the cells of all organs and systems. The use of pant baths is aimed at awakening the body's internal reserves, restoring physiological functions, increasing the overall tone, activating immunity.


Procedures with pant decoction:

• accelerate and normalize metabolic processes;

• help to remove toxins from the body;

• reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood;

• have anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and regenerating effects;

• normalize the hormonal fond, stimulate and enhance the reproductive function;

• strengthen the immune system and increase resistance to attack of infections;

• start the processes of regeneration of body tissues, accelerate the healing of wounds and the union of bones after fractures;

• reduce the consequences of age-related changes in muscles, bones and joints, as well as their injuries caused by physical overload, activate muscle growth;

• have a rejuvenating effect and slowing the aging process;

• excellent tope up and a general strengthening effect;

• have a sedative effect in stress-dependent diseases (neurosis, neurasthenia, peptic ulcer, heart disease, liver, kidney, etc.) and sleep disorders;

• increase efficiency;

• improve mood, relax, increase stress resistance.

In the "Transsib" resort the treatment with pantotherapy is enhanced by a unique climate (the content of light air ions in the upper part of the resort and on the slopes of the mountains exceeds twice the famous Swiss resort of Davos) and can be supplemented by one more valuable healing factor - baths with natural nitrogen- siliceous low-thermal radon-containing mineral waters.

In the "Buran" resort a fresh decoction of antlers is added to pearl baths, which increases the effectiveness of action due to better contact of water extracts of antlers with the skin surface during the formation of "pearl bubbles".

Wet wraps with pant extract is a new procedure with the use of products of maral breeding, which combines the elements of tempering and the general health improvement procedure. As a result, it not only increases blood circulation and metabolic processes, internal reserves of the body are activated, immunity efficiency increases and mood improves, but also excess weight goes away, the skin becomes smoother, silky and taut, wrinkles are smoothed.

Come to Altai or in the suburbs of Moscow - a course of pantotherapy will quickly return your health, youth and beauty, will give you a boost of strength and will recharge you with new energy.