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«Express Anti-Stress» Package Offer

In the «Don» resort started a new package offer «Express – Anti-Stress».


The program is designed for six days and is intended for people who want to «reboot» your body, relieve nervous tension and get rid of the consequences of accumulated stress.


The package offer includes baths with natural radon water, which stimulates the normal operation of internal organs and has a rejuvenating effect on the body. As a prevention of congestion in tissues and improvement of blood supply, underwater shower-massage procedures are also offered that favorably affect the central nervous system, improving the quality of sleep.


Given the hypodynamy of most urban residents, vascular disease prevention – a very important aspect, which is also included in the package proposal «Express–Anti-Stress». Intermittent pneumocompression procedures will help improve lymphocirculation and venous blood flow in tissues.


The healing properties of massage have been known for a very long time - medical back massage is included in this package offer - for relaxing and restoring muscles and facial massage, which will improve skin color, adjust the facial shape and give you a feeling of lightness and self-confidence. You can complete your rest in a phytosauna «cedar barrel», the healing effect on the body of which is provided by phytoncides contained in the wood from which the natural phytosauna is made.


A six-day stay away from the city bustle, in a sanatorium surrounded by dense forest, will help you get rid of the accumulated fatigue and stress.