Stock Package offer «Check Up - Oncological screening for women»

Package offer «Check Up - Oncological screening for women»

Women's health, like a crystal bowl, is fragile, delicate, requiring constant attention. Modern women live in a multitasking mode, solving a large number of important issues at the same time, from everyday life to workers. In addition, stress, unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle - all this affects the state of the woman's body, leading to the development of various pathological conditions.


Given to the tendency towards an increase in cancer among the female population, it is worth paying attention to the preventive direction in identifying early changes in target organs in order to prevent their further development.


Preventive medicine is one of the priority areas, and medical examinations in the «Check Up» format are very popular among vacationers in sanatoriums.


So, in the medical center of the «Zhemchuzhina Zauralya» health resort presented a package offer «Cancer screening for women» in the «Check Up» format. The set of medical services includes consultations with a therapist and a gynecologist, as well as various diagnostic measures (study of tumor markers in the blood, colposcopy with a cytological smear, ultrasound of the mammary glands, etc.), which allow to fully assess the state of the female body, according to the results of which the doctor draws up a treatment program and gives the necessary recommendations aimed at preventing the development of the disease.