Stock Package offer «Check Up - gastro screening»

Package offer «Check Up - gastro screening»

Each person in his life has experienced unpleasant sensations in the stomach area, which are associated with the consumption of certain foods and drinks. In the structure of diseases of the digestive system in adults and the older generation, gastritis (inflammatory disease of the stomach) and duodenitis (inflammatory disease of the duodenum) prevail, which, in turn, in the absence of timely diagnosis and treatment, can lead to the development of more serious pathological changes in these organ.


To diagnose and prescribe effective treatment in the medical center of the sanatorium «Zhemchuzhina Zauralia» patients are offered «Check Up - gastro-screening». This package offer is aimed at early detection of diseases of the digestive system and includes a consultation with a gastroenterologist to draw up an adequate treatment plan. As part of this proposal, patients undergo a general and detailed biochemical blood test, as well as high-precision modern diagnostic methods: ultrasound and endoscopic examinations.


This package offer is universal and suitable for any person who cares about their health and wants to prevent the development of diseases of the digestive system at their initial stage.