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A new type of medical treatment at the sanatorium «Solnechniy»

Since September 2020, at the medical center of the sanatorium «Solnechniy» a new type of medical treatment starts on the «Marutaka» apparatus.


Feelings of fatigue and periodic pain in the legs have become familiar conditions for a modern person who spends most of his time in the office, which means that he is susceptible to a inactive lifestyle and, as a result, most likely suffers from stagnation of blood and lymphatic circulation, primarily in the lower limbs. The innovative device «Marutaka».


Modern foot massager «Marutaka» works on the principle of reflexotherapy, consistently pressing on the most sensitive points of the feet. During the course of treatment on a massager «Marutaka» there is a decrease in the severity of tissue edema of the lower extremities after their prolonged stay in one position, a decrease in pain syndrome and tension in caviar muscles. Vascular Disease Prevention – another advantage of the «Marutaka»: coursework increases blood flow to tissues, thereby improving blood circulation in the vessels of the lower extremities. Treatment at «Marutaka» can be supplemented by procedures in the phytocouple and halocamera.


During the off-season, the rest in the health resort is special: a comfortable air temperature, suitable for long walks along the sea coast or along the terrain, routes laid near the sanatorium. In a word, come to the sanatorium «Solnechniy» anytime - for quality treatment and excellent rest.