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New medical technologies in the sanatorium «Sosnovy Bor»

Manual therapy is not only about the spine. Manual therapy can also be used to treat internal organs - through the front wall of the abdomen. In this case, it is called: visceral massage therapy.


This is a procedure carried out by the manual therapy doctor in a gentle mode, the intensity of the exposure increases from session to session, which allows you to achieve a positive result gently and without complications. The procedure is aimed at restoring the functions of organs, improving their blood supply, eliminating spasms of smooth muscles, inflammatory processes; it allows you to eliminate venous and lymphatic congestion, leads to the normalization of metabolism and the functions of internal organs and the restoration of immunity and the body as a whole.


Visceral therapy is effective for the treatment of digestive disorders, liver and gall bladder diseases, pancreas, renal disorders, gynecological diseases and mens genital diseases, metabolic restoration, prevention of pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus, as well as for the correction of psychoemotional disorders and as general health and preventive procedures to rejuvenate the body.