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Novelties in the «Transsib» resort

In the health resort «Transsib», which is located at the foothills of Altai, in the valley of the Belokurikha River, in the comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation of patients play a primary role the unique natural healing factors that Altai is famous for; in the sanatorium they provide a whole range of procedures: first of all, the baths with natural radon water, pantotherapy using a unique technique «pantilinization – here and now» and mud treatment.


The unique sulfide-silt mud of Lake Guseletovo in the health resort is successfully used not only in the form of applications for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular systems, but is also used as procedures of the SPA complex of the sanatorium. Mud wrapping is one of the most common SPA procedures aimed at combating silhouette imperfections.


The course of applications of mud wraps allows to achieve the following visible effects:


• improved microcirculation of skin; elimination of cellulite manifestations; elimination of visible local fat deposits;

reduced signs of skin aging;

restoration of elasticity of skin;

providing muscle relaxation at the exposure site;

reduction of puffiness of fabrics.


In addition, since 2020, the medical center of the sanatorium has been supplemented with modern advanced equipment, which provides a new direction for the sanatorium: prevention and treatment of the pathology of female and male reproductive systems. This is a physiotherapeutic apparatus that improves microcirculation in the organs of the male sexual system, effective for the treatment of sexual disorders in patients of middle and elderly age with initial manifestations of age involution and an apparatus for complex physiotherapeutic effects (electrical stimulation, laser therapy, magnetotherapy and neurostimulation), which has shown the highest effectiveness in the treatment of a wide range of gynecological and urological diseases (cystites, erectile dysfunction, stress urinary incontinence, etc.).


New physiotherapeutic equipment complements and strengthens traditional spa procedures.