Stock New program in the «Zhemchuzhina Zauralya» resort

New program in the «Zhemchuzhina Zauralya» resort

Since January 2020, in the «Zhemchuzhina Zauralya» resort a new medical program starts – preventive, aimed both at the primary prevention of diseases in healthy people and at the prevention of exacerbation of chronic diseases.


Almost every one of us is predisposed to the risk of different diseases, or already has them, but is not yet aware of it; this is due to environmental pollution, hypodynamy, and daily stresses and nutrition, often very far from healthy. Prevention is the basis for preventing the development of chronic diseases that require long-term treatment.


The «Zhemchuzhina Zauralya» resort provides a unique opportunity to combine recreation with wellness preventive procedures that will help maintain shape, increase stress tolerance, correct eating behavior and even get rid of bad habits, thereby ensuring our body relaxation, restoration and strengthening of immune protection.


Preventive Health Resort Program «Zhemchuzhina Zauralya» includes specialist consultations, laboratory and instrumental studies aimed at early diagnosis and detection of developing diseases. The program includes general health treatment procedures: (ingestion of mineral water, therapeutic swimming in the pool, etc.) and traditional sanatorium-resort procedures: baths (iodine-bromine, turpentine, etc.), souls (circular, Charcot, etc.), capable of increasing muscle tone, normalizing the state of the central nervous system, endocrine, cardiovascular system.


To stabilize psychological health and achieve maximum relaxation, the program includes group psychotherapy sessions and thermal exposure in an infrared sauna. As part of a preventive ticket, there is an opportunity to visit the solarium and take advantage of hardware physiotherapy procedures in cosmetology (microcurrent therapy). Mild, delicate exposure to micro-currents at the level of skin cells leads to a significant improvement in blood microcirculation and accelerated metabolic processes, which contributes to improved complexion, reduced swelling and increased skin elasticity.


A preventive medical program is both a wonderful rest and an excellent method of disease prevention, which allows you to subsequently avoid visits to a doctor.