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Frost freshness in summer heat

Cryosauna in the sanatorium "Transsib" in Belokurikha


It is possible to cool with health benefits in cryosauna. It is somewhat like a barrel in which the patient is standing, while his head is above the cryosauna chamber. The "barrel" is filled with nitrogen vapors, similar to a fog that completely envelops the entire body (except the head that is on the surface, which allows a person to breathe freely). The temperature in the cryosauna is -120 ° C to -220 ° C, but it is not necessary to be afraid of hypothermia, the cold creates only pleasant sensations, because the skin, unlike the influence of extreme temperatures in the open air, remains dry.

In cryosauna, the effect on the body is limited to the skin area, however, the effect of cold activates the work of all organs and systems, because the human body is a large laboratory in which each receptor located on the surface of the skin monitors the work of a particular organ. Therefore, in the process of cryotherapy, the cold activates the work of all organs and systems and the recovery of the entire body, and, accordingly, inhibits the aging process.


Cold exposure to humans is always stress, in response to which the body produces anti-stress hormones that activate the working capacity and resistance of the body to diseases. For example, it is shown that activation of the neuroendocrine system helps to improve the effectiveness of diabetes treatment. Cryosauna also helps in the treatment of psoriasis: in most cases, 3 procedures are sufficient to obtain a distinct therapeutic effect.

30 minutes of cryosauna are equal to 5160 minutes on the treadmill!

Indications for cryotherapy:

• Extra weight and cellulite;

• Signs of early skin aging;

• Skin diseases (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, etc.);

• Gynecological disorders (menopause, infertility);

• Preparation for pregnancy;

• Neurological pathologies (pain syndromes, migraines, etc);

• Diseases of the respiratory system;

• In a complex of restorative procedures after injuries and surgeries;

• Nervous exhaustion, insomnia, fatigue;

• Decreased immunity and chronic fatigue syndrome.