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Body modeling in the sanatorium «Sosnoviy bor»

Easy, painless and effective way to model a figure in the sanatorium «Sosnoviy bor»


In the medical center of the health resort «Sosnoviy bor» from September 2020, starts a new medical service – miostimulyation.


Myostimulation – method of restorative treatment, which is based on electrical stimulation of nerves and muscles, which is carried out by transmitting electric current with specified characteristics to the human body through electrodes. The mechanism of action of this physiotherapeutic method consists in stimulation of nerve endings to transfer impulses to a certain group of muscles, which respond to contraction, as in normal muscle activity. Electrical stimulation is suitable for stimulating any muscle group.


This technique is successfully used not only in medical rehabilitation as a supplement to restorative treatment after fractures, injuries, acute cerebral circulation. The method has found successful use also in physician practice – beautician. In the medical center of the sanatorium «Sosnoviy bor» electromyostimulation is used in a comprehensive approach to the prevention and treatment of cellulitis.


Visible treatment results are observed after the first procedures – skin becomes more tightened, smooth and elastic. In addition, due to active contractile movements, the muscular frame is strengthened, blood and lymphatic circulation in the exposure zone is improved.


The procedure is completely safe, painless and has practically no contraindications.