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Manual spinal therapy

Manual therapy of the spine - the cure for all illnesses


«There are many diseases, and one reason for them - spine», as the great Hippocrates said. Today, manual therapy of the spine is popular with doctors and their patients, it is considered one of the best methods for the rapid non-drug recovery of the health of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs.


«Hand treatment» - this is how Latin translates the name of a wellness practice that everyone loves. Like any other area of medical science, manual therapy is based on basic rules and principles, the implementation of which becomes the law for every doctor.


Manual therapists pay special attention to the study of the spine, even if the patient does not complain of back pain. That's why, for the sensitivity, motor activity, trophism and vegetation of any organ in the human body, the spinal nerves are responsible. And the large artery that feeds most of the brain passes through the processes of the cervical vertebrae - therefore, many diseases of the nervous system and internal organs (vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertension, biliary dyskinesia, cardialgia, headache) begin with pathological changes in the spine.


Manual therapy is used for:


• injuries (dislocation of joints, other injuries associated with bone displacement, including in the spine - if the vertebrae are displaced as a result of mechanical stress);

• neurological diseases (damage to the spine, including when the vertebrae and / or intervertebral discs are displaced due to a weakening of the muscle frame, resulting in damage or pinching of the roots of the spinal cord);

• orthopedic pathology (associated with curvature of the spinal column, for example, with scoliosis).



In the sanatorium «Sosnovy Bor», manual therapy sessions are performed by a manual therapist Vylegzhanin Dmitry Viktorovich (room No. 33)