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Summer is over, but the sea remains!

Moreover, it is powered ... by the Pacific Ocean! ..


In the «Mys Vidniy» resort a unique domestic product was introduced into the recovery process - gel «LAMIFAREN», produced by a unique technology from living, not dried, brown algae "Laminaria Angustata", which grow only in the Far East, in the Okhotsk Sea, on the shelf of Shantarsky islands, and in the Tatar Strait - an ecologically clean place, unique in the diversity of flora and fauna.


In «Lamifaren», a product produced from algae in a gentle manner, by complex low-temperature hydrolysis, all the most valuable components are preserved: a large number of micro and macro elements (iodine, chromium, copper, iron, vanadium, silicon, zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium) , vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, PP, carotenoids, etc.), polysaccharides (alginate, fucoidan, laminarin), fiber, plant sterols, derivatives of chlorophyll. All these elements and their compounds preserved in the necessary for the body proportions and quantities close to their ideal content in the human body and in an easy digestible form.


«Lamifaren» gel - with a pleasant smell of the sea! - recommended for incorporation in the diet for metabolic disorders as an additional source of soluble dietary fiber and iodine in an organic form, especially for residents of environmentally unfriendly areas, for athletes and people of physical labor. To take it periodically is very useful to the people with the gastrointestinal tract disorders, atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, immunodeficiency (for example, often ill with colds).

In the «Mys Vidniy» resort rest and recovery are excellent. Terrenkur for recreational walks pass through the shady forest of centenary Himalayan cedars and relict Pitsunda pines where the resinous aroma of pine needles mixes with salty sea air, creating a healing microclimate. The medical center of the resort has an indoor pool under a high glass dome and a luxurious balneotherapy and hydrotherapy section, including a complex of showers with collagenarium and its own drinking well with mineral water Sochinskaya.

Rest, recovery, psycho-emotional correction and relaxation procedures in «Mys Vidniy» have recently been supplemented with algal wraps. After just one procedure, it is possible to reduce volume of the body by 1-1.5 cm, and after the course of 6 procedures - by 6-10 cm. Wrapping with «Lamifaren» gel is one of the most effective procedures to fight the cellulite. Algal wrap significantly reduces compaction in the subcutaneous fat tissue, makes the skin firm and elastic, nourishes the body with vitamins and minerals.

The effect from the wrapping with algae can be felt and seen almost immediately: the skin becomes smooth and elastic, the ugly relief of the "orange peel" is gradually smoothed out. After the course of wraps, not only the body volumes are steadily decreasing (alginate reduces the absorption of fats from food), but also improves blood microcirculation, increases skin tone, elasticity of the skin, and improves skin relief. In addition, algae help to remove toxines from the body.

«Lamifaren» can also be used as a cosmetic mask for the care of weak, damaged, brittle, dry, split, colored hair. The procedure consists of lightly massaging the gel into the hair roots and a 20-minute exposure. Due to the richness of its mineral composition, the gel improves blood circulation, which promotes the growth and strengthening of hair, restores damaged and weakened hair follicles, has a beneficial effect on the hair structure, gives it shine, softness and elasticity. Nourishing the hair over the entire length, the mask protects them from exposure to the external environment.


Given the high content of iodine in the gel «Lamifaren» and the possible contraindications associated with this, it is necessary to start its ingestion only after consulting a doctor. Masks and wraps can be done in the beauty salon, and even at home, alone. However, in the seaside resort, under the conditions of the complex effect of natural healing factors and other rich possibilities of the medical center (for example, anti-cellulite algal wraps are perfectly combined with lavender baths and procedures with the Black Sea lye), and just a relaxing atmosphere itself, the effectiveness of the efforts made will exceed all expectations!