Stock «Diseases of the digestive system» treatment

«Diseases of the digestive system» treatment

In the «Dolina Narzanov» resort in Kislovodsk, treatment is carried out on the profile «Diseases of the digestive system»


The program includes:

• Diagnosis of the gastrointestinal tract

• Consultations with specialists (gastroenterologist, nutritionist, therapist)

• A complex of sanatorium-resort procedures based on the use of natural therapeutic factors: climate therapy, balneotherapy (baths, showers), mud therapy, water treatment, massage, physiotherapy.


The results of treatment in a resort:

1. Improving well-being.

2. The disappearance of complaints or their significant regression.

3. Improvement of instrumental studies data (scarring of the ulcer in peptic ulcer disease, etc.).

4. Normalization of biochemical parameters of the function of the digestive organs.

5. Expansion of the diet.

6. Improving psycho-emotional background.


A noticeable result in 14 days!

Timely detection, treatment and prevention of diseases of the digestive system can increase the duration and improve the quality of life!