Stock Healing walks in the «Kislovodsky» park

Healing walks in the «Kislovodsky» park

One of the procedures of the «Dolina Narzanov» resort - is a medical walk (Terrenkur) through the park!


National Park «Kislovodsky» is a unique, rare beauty monument of landscape, an authentic therapeutic and health arboretum.


In the resort town of Kislovodsk there are several health paths. The length of Kislovodsk Terrenkur from 1700 to 6000 meters with three control and observation posts. The routes are divided into stations located 100 meters from each other.


Terrenkur (from fr. Terrain - locality and cours - course of treatment) is a method of sanatorium-and-spa treatment that provides dosed physical exertion in the form of walking, climbing in mountainous terrain along certain, marked routes. Terrenkur expands endurance, improves the work of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs, stimulates metabolism, and nervous activity.


Route number 1. Its length is 1700 meters, the elevation angle is 3-4 °, the height above sea level is 815 meters. It starts from the Narzan Gallery, passes along the embankments of the Olkhovka River to the Glass Stream and returns to the Narzan Gallery.


Route number 2. It starts at the Narzan Gallery and ends at station 58 on the Krasnoe Solnyshko. Its length consists of 11600 meters and 58 stations, an elevation angle of 5–6 °, a height above sea level at the Narzan Gallery is 810 meters, and at the terminal station it is 1062 meters.


Route number 3. The most difficult due to a change of landscape. The length of the path in one end is 5600 meters, the elevation angle is 5-7 °, and in some places it rises to 13 °, there are 56 stations along the route.


In order to walk on the path to be more useful and effective for health, guests of our resort can take sticks for Nordic walking at the rental point.

When walking along the path with Scandinavian sticks, the work of all organs and body systems is activated:

• Burned by 40-60% more calories than normal walking

• Hip, knee and ankle unloading occurs

• Prevention of osteoporosis

• Excellent aerobic exercise

• Prevention of arterial hypertension

• Prevention of B type diabetes of adults

• Lowering cholesterol

• Immediate visible effect

• A great option to diversify your sports activities

• Additional motivation and development

• Relieves stress.


It is necessary to pay special attention to the study of the correct technique of Nordic walking - it guarantees that exercises will bring the maximum effect.


In our resort, learning the technique of Nordic walking is conducted by an exercise therapy instructor in a sports and fitness complex.