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Healing mud in «Aquamarine»

Summer is over. But you still want to go to the sea ... And here’s a great reason to go off season to the «Aquamarine» sanatorium in the suburbs of Anapa: take a walk along the empty streets of the seaside village of Vityazevo, where the sanatorium is located and which is only 8 (!) Minutes from the new modern Anapa airport, breathe in the sea air and - to take care of the health and beauty of your body! For example, take a mud treatment with unique Kiziltash muds.

In accordance with the classification of therapeutic muds, natural muds of the Starokubansky site of the Kiziltashskoye deposit belong to therapeutic silt medium-mineralized medium-sulfide muds. They were formed as a result of complex chemical and biological processes that took place over four centuries in the bottom sediments of the salty Kiziltash estuary, separated from the Black Sea by a narrow sandy mound.


Compared to others, coastal silt sludge muds are characterized by maximum biological activity. Therefore, sometimes they are called «basic» or «actually mud». It was these muds that were used in Ancient Egypt, in the ancient Greek colonies of the Crimea and the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. And for more than 100 years they have been used in the medical practice of Anapa resort - for balneological and medical-cosmetic applications.


The balneological value of therapeutic mud is due to its good viscous-plastic and thermal properties, a high content of balneologically active iron sulfides and free hydrogen sulfide, as well as bromine, boric acid, and an increased content of organic substances.


A significant value of the colloidal complex (41.4%) increases the heat capacity of the mud and its heat-holding ability, which, combined with moderate mineralization of the mud solution, makes these muds mildly acting «sparing», so that they can be prescribed to people weakened by chronic diseases, children and persons advanced age. The well-known seaside silt sulphide mud of the Kuyalnik estuary in Odessa region (Ukraine) can serve as a well-known analogue to these muds.


Mud therapy refers to potent healing factors. Natural components of the mud improve trophic tissue, normalize metabolism, have a powerful anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and analgesic effect, increase the adaptive capabilities of the immune system. Healing mud also has bactericidal and bacteriostatic (antimicrobial) properties that allow it to regenerate after use in mud baths.


One of the challenges facing mud treatment facilities is to preserve the natural properties of the mud from the moment of extraction to its use for medicinal purposes. In the sanatorium «Aquamarine» for this purpose its own mud storage is used for 6 tons, which allows not only to preserve, but also to increase the healing properties.


According to the balneological conclusion of the Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneology, sulfide silt mud of the deposit is recommended for the prevention and treatment of the following diseases: chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, central and peripheral nervous system, diseases of the peripheral blood vessels, chronic diseases of the digestive organs and metabolic disorders, chronic diseases of the female genital organs of inflammatory and functional char ktera, diseases of the skin, respiratory, urological diseases and diseases of the male genital organs, dental diseases.


In the sanatorium «Aquamarine» is the procedure «galvanic mud» - a local introduction of biologically active substances of therapeutic mud using direct electric current. And this healing mud is used in the spa complex of the sanatorium, where anti-cellulite wraps with mineral gel from Kiziltash mud are developed.


The «Weight Loss and Modeling» program was developed, aimed at improving metabolism due to the deep penetration of mineral substances into the subcutaneous layers, and the «Indosean» program, aimed at improving skin trophism - also based on local exposure to Kiziltash mud.