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Beauty and health in the «Ivushka» resort

Pharmacopuncture (promotion – 10% discount when buying 4 procedures!)


Biopunktura is a type of bioregulatory therapy, when special naturopathic drugs (Heel) are introduced into certain zones or points selected after a special diagnosis.


Prescribed for diseases of the spine, joints, vessels, injuries, etc.


Simplicity, ease, patient orientation, safety, effectiveness, international standardization, long-term therapeutic effect. The procedure is carried out by a doctor taking into account indications for therapy.


Placentary therapy


A unique technique using a placenta drug using Japanese technology - injections of youth, beauty and health.


Learn to be healthy!



Dry carbonic baths


The medicinal properties of dry carbon dioxide baths were already known in the 18th century! The effectiveness of baths in the treatment of many diseases is high. This is a magical elixir for those who suffer from fatigue, stress and insomnia. Baths are one of the best non-medicamentous means of treatment and prevention for the elderly, who are often contraindicated with other medical procedures.


Carbon dioxide bath is the first means of solving male problems. This is a very effective helper in the fight against cellulite and obesity. Carbon dioxide is simply essential for health and life!