Stock Cedars and "Hummingbirds" in the "Solnechny" resort

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Cedars and "Hummingbirds" in the "Solnechny" resort

In the "Solnechny" recovery begins from the moment of arrival at the resort - active climatotherapy is provided by Mediterranean type of the benigh weather conditions with 341 sunny days a year, hence the name of the health resort.


Here, the Black Sea softens the summer heat, and in winter it gives off the heat accumulated over the summer, making it warm and moist. Special walking routes (terrenkur) on the fresh air, fragrant with sea salt, pine needles and juniper, will prevent the onset of autumn blues and winter colds and will establish emotional balance. Thalassotherapy (sea bathing), mud therapy, massage, procedures based on mineral water (drinking cure, inhalation with mineral water and herbs) also provide an excellent opportunity to improve the whole body.


And in the physiotherapy unit of the sanatorium "Sunny" lives "Hummingbird", a special - "Hummingbird Expert". This is a modern pulse magnetotherapy unit with a running magnetic field and a special couch for the patient.


The couch allows the patient to comfortably lie during the procedure, and the configuration of three solenoids (magnetic coils) allows therapeutic effects to vary, creating a rotating pulsed magnetic field ("prism") and directing the maximum induction to the desired areas of the patient's body, then a traveling pulsed magnetic field ( "Cylinder"), covering the whole body and having a general effect on the entire body.



The principal advantage of this unit is the possibility of precise regulation of exposure, which allows you to individually select the maximum induction even for children and elderly patients and avoid side effects.


The spectrum of application of the magnetic field is the widest. Magnetotherapy has a complex therapeutic effect on the body, correcting its neurohumoral regulation. The therapeutic effect is provided by the body's response to the magnetic field, both in the form of physicochemical changes in homeostasis and in the form of the development of nonspecific adaptive reactions of the immune, nervous, respiratory and other systems. The magnetic field is pervasive and imperceptible and affects a person no less than any pharmaceutical drugs.


Properly chosen intensity of pulsating magnetic fields allows you to stimulate the centers of the brain and the endocrine system - like the so-called. “Magnetic storms” that bring discomfort to meteosensitive people, but only with a positive, curative and adaptive effect. When exposed to a specific problem area, stimulus signals are transmitted through electromagnetic impulses to the central nervous system and provide a predictable hormonal response.


Such non-invasive regeneration technologies, a complex effect on the systems of organs and tissues for rejuvenation and recovery is an innovative direction of medicine, perfectly combined with rest and other methods of sanatorium-and-spa treatment.


Among the many proposed methods need to be highlighted the use of magnetic fields for the correction of neurohumoral regulation of the body. The versatility of magnetic therapy involves a wide range of indications for its use.


The magnetic field is successfully used in rheumatology to treat joints; in endocrinology for treating overweight problems; in aesthetic medicine for the correction of increased secretion of the sebaceous glands; in neurology, for the rehabilitation of patients after stroke and other diseases or injuries that lead to neuropathy, by normalizing the conduction of nerve fibers. In psychotherapeutic practice, a good effect has been shown by the application of a magnetic field in the treatment of depressive and stressful conditions due to a direct effect on the brain and an increase in its activity.

If you find yourself in the "Solnechny" in the sunny, but not the warmest season, or simply swam out to sea and get a little chill - at your service is a phytosauna (a cedar barrel). In it you can warm up, relax, and at the same time also help the body rejuvenate and get rid of many ailments.


The combination of steam, saturated with plant herbs, which is fed into the cabin from the Siberian cedar, has a beneficial effect on the person. Cedar secretes phytoncides that suppress pathogenic microbes in hidden nidus of infection - on the skin, in the tonsils and carious teeth, etc. and stimulates the immune system.


Staying in a cedar barrel effectively and safely, suitable for people of all ages from 5 to 80 years old, does not create stress on the brain vessels, relieves excessive stress on the kidneys by stimulating intense sweating, does not burn the upper respiratory tract, which makes it easy to transfer the procedure to those does not tolerate staying in ordinary saunas and baths.


Welcome to "Solnechny" - here is the sea, the sun, the healing air, attentive doctors, and more - cedars and "Hummingbirds"!