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Cedar barrels in the sanatorium «Dolina Narzanov» Nalchik

The history of the use of healing barrels originates from antiquity, when bathing in barrels with herbal insects was used for medicinal purposes in Siberian folk medicine and in Tibetan monasteries. Fitobochka in its current form was invented in Khakassia in the 70s of the XIX century by herbalist Vasily Grigoryevich Podtrebkov.


Phytocarticles are most often made of perennial cedar, the wood of which has healing properties. Warm wood-resinous aroma of cedar tree positively affects the central and vegetative nervous system, having a calming effect. In addition, procedures in the phytocarticle positively affect the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as have a generally strengthening effect on the body.


In order to improve the body's defenses, improve the functioning of the heart and strengthen immunity in the sanatorium «Dolina Narzanov» Nalchik city offers a course of medical procedures in a cedar barrel. Saturated hot steam warms the body well, contributing to the improvement of metabolic processes, the removal of excess liquid from the body, due to abundant sweating. The procedures in the cedar barrel are perfectly combined with the regional natural healing factors that are famous for Kabardino-Balkaria and on the basis of which procedures are offered in the medical center of the health resort: medical swimming in an open hot nitrogen-thermal pool, peloidotherapy based on mud from Lake Tambukan and drinking treatment with natural mineral water.


After the procedures, guests of the sanatorium can drink tea and spend time outdoors or in comfortable health facilities, enjoying a serene rest.