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Carboxytherapy in the «Aquamarine» resort

Even a short rest in Anapa will be effective with an innovative carboxytherapy procedure. Specialists of the «Aquamarine» resort use the method for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, in aesthetic cosmetology and in the fight against obesity.


The essence of the procedure is microinjection of carbon dioxide under the skin, in the area of spasmodic muscles, joints, local fat deposits. In the problem area, blood flow is activated, which nourishes the tissues and triggers the mechanism of their recovery. The visible effect is achieved after the first session, and after the course is fixed for more than six months.


Treatment with carbon dioxide will allow the skin to restore tone, get rid of pigmentation, sagging and mimic wrinkles. Carboxytherapy procedures in a sanatorium are recommended for body correction due to the ability to oxidize fat cells.


Program recommendations:

• arthrosis, osteochondrosis

• hair loss

• local fat deposits

• scars, stretch marks, cicatrixes

• age changes of the face and body

• spider veins

• swelling of tissues, second chin



• visible effect of face and body rejuvenation (lifting)

• reduced back pain

• increase joint mobility

• improving the condition of the back during protrusion and hernia

• body capacity reduction

• recovery after surgery and injury