Stock Carboxytherapy


The health resort «Dolina Narzanov» in Essentuki is located in the zone of a traditional balneological resort, where the main natural healing factor is a moderately moist low-mountain «subalpine» climate; dosed walks in the famous park and «waters» also have a comprehensive healing effect on the body - drinking treatment with carbonic chloride-bicarbonate-sodium waters with the mineral waters «Essentuki No. 4», «Essentuki-17», «Essentuki-new No. 2».


The «Dolina Narzanov» Essentuki resort has a powerful diagnostic base, a variety of spa and wellness technologies, various types of physiotherapy and massage, inhalation and other types of treatments that traditionally fill the treatment complex when staying in the resort.


Also in «Dolina Narzanov» Essentuki resort modern types of treatment are practiced that go beyond the standard medical sanatorium-resort complex and new methods are constantly being introduced. One of them is carboxytherapy, which goes well with other methods of spa treatment.


Carboxytherapy is a controlled injection of pure medical carbon dioxide in various parts of the body in order to improve blood supply to tissues, increase skin elasticity, stimulate the formation of new collagen, and reduce pain.


Advantages of carboxytherapy: with appropriate indications, this method is absolutely safe, multifunctional, physiological, selective, minimally invasive and covering a very wide therapeutic range.


The results achieved using this method are stored for several months (3-6 or more). Carboxytherapy is effective for painful and post-traumatic conditions, arthrosis of acute and chronic back pain and other areas of the body.


The method has contraindications, a doctor's consultation is mandatory before use. A high class of medical specialists of the «Dolina Narzanov» resort in Essentuki provides not only the safety and effectiveness of carboxytherapy, but also a pleasant, anti-stress treatment format against the background of the classic «spa on the waters», which is also the center of cultural life with numerous concerts, festivals and other various social events.