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How to keep a man healthy?

Often, men are not very sensitive to their health. The stronger sex prefers to contact specialists only as a last resort, when the symptoms become pronounced and can no longer be tolerated. Such an approach can cause irreparable damage to health, so it is worth reconsidering your attitude to medical examinations and allocating time for a visit to a specialist, especially if there are complaints.


A visit to the urologist is a procedure that is always accompanied by stress and anxiety. Most often, these emotions are associated with numerous stereotypes about how the appointment with this specialist goes. These myths must be dispelled - at this stage, medicine provides a tremendous amount of opportunities for diagnosing diseases of the male genital area. Modern approaches to diagnostics make it possible to carry out activities quickly, efficiently and painlessly.


Medical center of the «Aquamarine» health resort equipped with a modern apparatus for ultrasound diagnostics, endoscopic equipment for examining the bladder, physiotherapy devices for the treatment of diseases of the pelvic organs. In the sanatorium, a urologist-andrologist conducts a reception, who can organize a detailed consultation, including on family planning, perform a therapeutic massage of the prostate and paraurethral administration of drugs.


A specialist should be consulted if there is pain during urination, pulling pain in the lumbar region, urinary incontinence, or incomplete emptying of the bladder, due to which constant urge to urinate, as well as planned once a year to maintain sexual and reproductive function.