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Women's health in «Sosnoviy Bor»

In order to remain for many years a beautiful, cheerful fairy who is constantly in a good mood and gives it to her loved ones, you should treat yourself with care and understanding of your needs.

The combined effect of a complex of adverse factors in women working on the railway (noise, vibration, adverse climatic conditions, etc.), as well as a large number of overtime hours, processing, insufficient rest time, are causes of overstrain of the body’s adaptation systems, reduced immunity and contribute the occurrence of diseases associated with the profession, including respiratory diseases.


«Sosnoviy Bor» resort, in taking care of your health, offers a comprehensive program to maintain the health of women - and working on the railway, and all the rest.


The healing air of the pine forest, consultation of an experienced otorhinolaryngologist, stay in the halochamber, hypoxytherapy, daily visits to the mineral water pool, measured physical activity, aromatherapy, balneotherapy, visiting the dry-air sauna 2 times a week, will help you maintain your immune system.


An important factor for the preservation of female beauty and health is the health of the female reproductive system. Consultation with a gynecologist, gynecological irrigation with mineral water, lymphatic drainage massage, acupuncture foot massage, mud therapy will help you to support the female hormonal system.


And there will be time for body care: SPA capsule, phytoaromasauna (cedar barrel), infrared sauna, algae and chocolate wraps, vacuum facial massage will make a woman to draw attention of people around you.


A beautiful and healthy woman can not go unnoticed in her surroundings. Always be young and beautiful!