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Aromahydrotherapy in the «Sosnovy Bor» resort

Innovative technologies of aromahydrotherapy in the «Sosnovy Bor» resort


Pinimenthol bath - anti-cold aroma bath for adults and children from age of 6 , contains a unique combination of active substances: eucalyptus oil, natural camphor, menthol.

This bath facilitates breathing, helps to relax the muscles of the bronchi, clears the airways, improves blood circulation, and prevents the growth of bacteria on the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. This is an excellent addition to specialized sanatorium procedures for the treatment of respiratory diseases.


The procedure has a pronounced and rapid therapeutic efficiency, therefore it should be borne in mind that extensive skin lesions, an acute period of skin and childhood diseases accompanied by rashes are contraindications to it; severe infectious and inflammatory diseases that occur with fever; severe heart failure; severe hypertension; bronchial asthma; oncological diseases.