Stock For pretty ladies!

For pretty ladies!

In the JSC «RZD-ZDOROVIE» resorts in 2019 launched the sale of special tours - for women!


In all resorts of the network in 2019 have developed and offer for sale special programs for maintaining women's health.


These programs contain all the most basic and pleasant types of sanatorium-resort medical care based on the use of natural healing factors: climate treatment, balneotherapy (baths, showers), mud therapy, mineral water therapy, massage, physiotherapy, various types of therapeutic exercises, etc., are universal for treatment of all types of diseases and, depending on the location and medical profile of each resort, are also aimed at correcting the pathology of a particular organ system.

Improvement of the general therapeutic «CLASSIC HEALTH PROGRAM (for women)» can be done in the Black Sea Sanatoriums «Solnechny» (Gelendzhik, Kabardinka village) and «Zelyoniy Gai» (Tuapse), in the Moscow region «Buran», in the sanatorium «Transsib» (Belokurikha), as well as in other resorts of JSC «RZD-ZDOROVIE», also profiled for the treatment of diseases of specific organs and body systems.

In the resorts «Aquamarine», «Dolina Narzanov» in the city of Nalchik, «Mys Vidny», «Radon» and «Yantar» with a medical profile «Diseases of the female genital sphere», «CLASSIC HEALTH PROGRAM (for women)» includes consulting a doctor obstetrician-gynecologist and a number of therapeutic measures aimed at treating diseases of the female genital sphere: mud applications, gynecological irrigation with mineral waters: radon, nitrogen-thermal, iodine-bromine, a rising shower, etc. «CLASSIC HEALTH PROGRAM (for women)» can also be obtained in the resorts «Dolina of Narzans» in Essentuki and Kislovodsk, «Zhemchuzhina Zauralya», «Chernomorye», «Sosnovy Bor» and «Transsib».

The «CLASSIC HEALTH PROGRAM (for women)» in the «Dolina Narzanov» resort in Zheleznovodsk , also targeted to women of any age with female genital diseases, as well as, thanks to the medical profile of the resort «Kidney and urinary tract diseases», is focused on treatment chronic urogenital diseases, including chronic diseases of the kidneys, bladder, chronic urinary incontinence. Healing factors: a unique «Alpine» microclimate, the famous mineral springs «Smirnovsky», «Slavyanovsky», therapeutic mud of Tambukan lake.

In the resorts of the North Caucasus group with medical profiles «Diseases of the digestive system» and «Endocrine system diseases, eating and metabolic disorders» - «Dolina of Narzanov» in Essentuki and Kislovodsk in the «CLASSIC HEALTH PROGRAM (for women)» included carbon dioxide baths with mineral waters «Narzan» and «Essentuki-Novaya 2», aqua aerobics and group psychotherapy. The «Zhemchuzhina Zauralya» resort in Shadrinsk as part of the «CLASSIC HEALTH PROGRAM (for women)», which has the same medical profiles, offers «Vita» carbonated bicarbonate mineral water baths and various types of therapeutic applications: mud, curative clay, and ozocerite with the addition of beeswax.


Resorts with medical profiles «Blood circulatory Diseases» and «Nervous System Diseases» «Yantar» (Baltic coast), «Oktyabrskiy», «Ivushka» (Sochi) offer, among other things, various types of therapeutic baths and showers; in the resort «Ivushka» (Sochi), the composition of the «CLASSIC HEALTH PROGRAM (for women)», among other things, included bio-resonance therapy, as well as psycho-emotional correction using computerized complexes. In the «Sosnovy Bor» resort with a medical profile «Respiratory diseases», in addition to inhalation of the curative air of the pine forest, in which the resort is located, a consultation of an experienced ENT specialist, inhalation, halochamber, hypoxytherapy, dry air sauna, daily therapeutic swimming in the natural pool mineral water.

«Chernomorye» resort, which is located in the center of Sochi, offers several types of «CLASSIC HEALTH PROGRAM (for women)»: standard, including an extended laboratory and instrumental gynecological examination; advanced (VIP and LUX) - with procedures at the Matsesta Balneotherapy Center and a unique special program for pregnant women (for periods of 12 to 32 weeks).

Sanatorium-resort treatment under the «CLASSIC HEALTH PROGRAM (for women)» at health resorts of JSC «RZD-ZDOROVIE» implies time and opportunities for face and body treatments, including 3-D hardware facial skin diagnostics (in the «Oktyabrskiy» resort), consultation of a dermatocosmetologist and anti-aging facial treatment with phytoestrogens (in the «Don» resort), cleavage of the décolleté skin using hydroxy spray and the Bioptron apparatus (in the «Radon» resosrt), therapeutic swimming in the sea-water pool in autumn-winter period and algae wrapping stems («Ivushka» resort), pressure and wraps gel and Black Sea oil lug in «Mys Vidny» resort«Aquamarine» and «Volzhskie Dali» resorts offer a spa menu that will impress even an experienced spa gourmet.

«CLASSIC HEALTH PROGRAMS (for women)», developed and implemented in resorts of JSC «RZD-ZDOROVIE», are aimed at maintaining women's health and preventing diseases and provide, along with therapeutic measures and proper rest, anti-aging, toning and cosmetic procedures.