Stock Children's sanatorium program «Increase of children's immunity»

Children's sanatorium program «Increase of children's immunity»

Recommended for children between 4 and 14 years old.


The program is aimed at improving the protective functions of the child's body, strengthening immunity and reducing the likelihood of colds.


Expected result: Improved health, general health, stress resistance, rectification of headaches, resistance to colds and viral diseases, improved sleep.


Included in the health program:

List of Services Number of procedures Service cost
External and hollow application of ozonized saline (mouthwash, palatine tonsils) 3 210
Medicinal baths (coniferous-pearl) 2 640
General massage medical (with jojoba oil) 3 1980


In case of contraindications, the procedures can be replaced with alternative ones within the program cost.


Designed for 3-4 days


When buying the program in advance, you get the opportunity to book the most convenient time for you to go through the procedures.


After purchasing the program, a curator contacts you, determines your time preferences, the presence or absence of contraindications and forms a route list with a schedule of procedures that you receive when you check in with a medical administrator.