Stock DETOX - reboot in the «Ivushka» resort

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DETOX - reboot in the «Ivushka» resort

After protracted holidays, or, after a long «working» period without vacation, the body requires increased attention, first of all - needs comprehensive delicate cleaning.


To cope with the accumulated toxins and slags, to improve the exchange processes will help the rate of procedures that is offered in the health resort «Ivushka» and includes procedures in the phytosauna «Cedar barrel», ionic detox sessions (hydrogalvanic baths for the lower extremities) that enhance blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, stimulate metabolic processes. Also, during one day, drug detoxification of the body with drugs that gently affect the liver and intestines is carried out, improving the evacuation of accumulated toxins.


The results will not be long in coming: already during the procedures you will notice a decrease in tissue swelling, an improvement in the general condition, color and quality of the skin of the face and even a loss of excess weight.