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Antlers are young, recently grown maral (sika deer) horns.


On the basis of antlers make drugs for oral administration, as well as forms for external use. The most effective method of pantotherapy is antler baths. In most cases, they are prepared using liquid or powder concentrates. However, the broth of real horns, prepared according to special technologies based on old recipes, has the greatest healing power.


In the sanatorium «Buran» this patented technology is used. The concentration of biologically active substances in fresh antler broth is many times higher than that in industrially manufactured preparations.

Pantotherapy is not only antler baths, but also antler wraps and antler microclysters. The main mechanism of their action is determined by the activation of blood flow, as a result of which the bioactive substances of antlers quickly spread throughout the body, contributing to the stimulation of the vital activity of cells of all organs and systems. The use of antler baths is aimed at awakening the internal reserves of the body, restoring physiological functions, increasing overall tone, and activating immunity.


Clinical effects of pantotherapy:

• pantotherapy - a source of male longevity;

• lowering blood cholesterol;

• have a rejuvenating effect and slow down the aging process;

• accelerate and normalize metabolic processes;

• help remove toxins from the body;

• have anti-inflammatory, wound healing and regenerative effects;

• normalize hormonal levels, stimulate and enhance reproductive function;

• strengthen immunity and increase the body's resistance to attacks of pathogens of infectious diseases;

• trigger the regeneration of body tissues, accelerate wound healing and bone fusion after fractures;

• reduce the effects of age-related changes in muscles, bones and joints, as well as their injuries caused by physical overload, activate muscle growth and development;

• perfectly tonic and have a restorative effect;

• have a sedative effect in stress-dependent diseases (neurosis, neurasthenia, peptic ulcer, heart disease, liver, kidney, etc.) and sleep disorders;

• increase efficiency;

• improve mood, relax, increase stress resistance.


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