Stock Four-chamber baths with naphthalan in the sanatorium «Ivushka»

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Four-chamber baths with naphthalan in the sanatorium «Ivushka»

Health Resort «Ivushka» Medical Center from July 2020, guests of the sanatorium for the recovery and prevention of a wide range of diseases are offered procedures using new modern balneological equipment received this year - a four-chamber bath.


Such a bath has many advantages, it is a real find for patients who have contraindications, or limited opportunities for taking shared baths. So, in the sanatorium «Ivushka» four different types of baths can be obtained: naphthalan, mud, chestnut, coniferous-salicylic.


Of particular note are baths using «Naftin» - 10% of the emulsion of naphthalan oil. Naphthalan is a special petroleum product that has therapeutic properties and is used to treat more than 70 types of diseases. Naphthalan owes its useful properties to the naphthenic hydrocarbon contained in it, it is thanks to this component that a special oil product is famous for its healthy effect on the human body.


The use of local naphthalan baths favorably affects patients with diseases of the skin, nervous, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal systems, in the pathologies of the organs of the female and male sex spheres. The course of local naphthalan baths in the health resort «Ivushka» can accelerate metabolic processes in the body, stimulate the immune system, trigger a cascade of anti-inflammatory reactions and reduce pain syndrome.