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The Black Sea is beautiful and healthy in any season!

Unique gifts of the Black Sea - for health and beauty in the sanatorium "Mys Vidnyi"


Rest and recovery in the sanatorium "Mys Vidny" are wonderful in any time of the year. Terrenkur for health walks passes in the shadow of coniferous forest from centennial Himalayan cedars and relic Pitsunda pine and resinous aroma of needles mixed with salty sea air, creating a curative microclimate. The medical center of the sanatorium has a covered swimming pool under a high glass dome and a luxurious department of balneotherapy and hydrotherapy, including a complex of showers with collagenarium and its own drinking pump room with mineral water "Sochinskaya".

Recreation, rehabilitation, psycho-emotional correction and relaxation procedures in Mys Vidnyi have recently been supplemented with procedures with a line of unique products from the Black Sea lye, a natural natural product of salt extraction in the Bulgarian Burgas and Pomorie lakes. This product has no analogues in the world in its composition and surpasses the salt of the Dead Sea in a number of parameters; it contains a lot of magnesium, as well as calcium, sodium, chlorine, microalgae, etc. Substances that are part of the brine - a highly concentrated solution of salts - after the evaporation of the sea water remaining on the surface of the salt bed and the crystallization of the salt, in composition and saturation are close to what is contained in the therapeutic mud and therefore the brine has an effect similar to mud - primarily, anti-inflammatory .


The solution of the Black Sea lye is used for the preparation of therapeutic baths, which have a powerful analgesic effect in osteochondrosis, lumbargia, arthritis, bruises and sprains of muscles and ligaments, and also have a metabolic, biostimulating and balancing effect on obesity, gout, atherosclerosis, psoriasis, menopausal disorders, hypertensive disease, angina pectoris and neurocirculatory dystonia.

The solution of the Black Sea lye is also used as an active ingredient in the oil and gel of the Black Sea lye, which are used for massage and wraps in diseases of joints, as well as as a cosmetic mask for hair. Depending on the specific purpose, the gel or oil can be free of impurities or enriched with various plant aroma oils - juniper, lavender, arnica, rosemary, and the like. Strengthen the effect of the gel of the Black Sea lye by conducting an electrophoresis procedure with it.

Therapeutic baths and medicines with Black Sea lye, in addition to anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, have a relaxing effect, increase immunity, have a beneficial effect on the skin, tone it and saturate with minerals and vitamins, smoothing wrinkles, restoring collagen and elastin fibers of the dermis, promoting elasticity of tissues, normalizing metabolism, and activating the vital processes of detoxification.

Despite the fact that the Black Sea lye is an absolutely natural product, due to its high mineralization, its use for medicinal purposes can have contraindications and is not recommended to everyone. To conduct the procedure with it follows the recommendation and under the supervision of a doctor. In the seaside resort, in the context of the complex impact of natural healing factors and other richest possibilities of the medical center (for example, combined with algae wraps and masks), in an atmosphere of serene rest it will bring only positive emotions, and the efficiency of the spent recovery will surpass all expectations!