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Biofeedback – therapy in «Ivushka» resort

Biofeedback therapy (or biofeedback method) is a behavioral therapy technique that is implemented at the junction of hardware and computer technologies. The technique helps to see and learn to control the physiological processes that are associated with the work of the human nervous system. Today, the biofeedback method is considered one of the most promising for the treatment of depression, panic attacks and other pathologies that cannot be dealt with by traditional means.


With biofeedback therapy in real time, continuous monitoring of certain physiological parameters is carried out: respiratory rate, pulse, blood pressure, electrical activity of the brain, etc. All these parameters are translated into easy-to-read images: graphics, pictures or sounds.


And then the most interesting thing begins: the human brain is offered the influence of certain images, music or other stimuli; depending on the problem, this can be, for example, videos with scary content or photos on an exciting topic. Sensors attached to the body record changes in physiological parameters in response to these stimuli, and the patient learns to control his consciousness and his reactions, memorizing and controlling his state. For example, with proper breathing and other relaxation techniques, you can relieve anxiety, prevent panic attacks, relieve tension headaches, or get rid of aerophobia.


The main goal of such therapy is to teach the patient to control his physiological state and «pass» through oneself unpleasant emotions, preventing the development of shortness of breath, heart palpitations and other similar reactions. Thus, you can learn to control your body, which, in turn, according to the principle of feedback, will, «give a command» the brain, preventing panic, anxiety and other pathological conditions from developing.


The procedure is painless and safe. Biofeedback trainings are suitable for both adults and children. Each session in the health resort takes about 30-40 minutes on average, the patient consistently learns to control his condition and the body's response to stimuli. To achieve the result and consolidate the treatment, from 2 to 10 sessions are required, their number can be increased, depending on the severity of the patient's condition and the doctor's recommendations in each case. One of the most important conditions for achieving a quick and noticeable effect is the patient's motivation to heal and his active interest in treatment..


Biofeedback – therapy in «Ivushka» resort goes well with therapies such as swimming in the indoor seawater pool and general massage.